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Christopher Warner - Professional Wedding Pianist, Function Pianist, Cocktail Pianist


Here is a list of commonly asked questions about the live piano music service Christopher offers. If you have a question which isn't answered here, please do feel free to get in touch directly; just follow the links to the contact page!

Wedding FAQs

Are you able to accompany someone singing or playing an instrument either during our Ceremony or for another part of the Wedding Day?

Yes, this is never a problem. I am a fully trained and experienced accompanist in addition to being a solo performer. The logistics of rehearsals (if needed) prior to the Wedding Day can be arranged according to your own requirements, and needn't incur any extra charge.

Are you able to advise us on choosing music for our Wedding Day?

I am very happy to help as much or as little as needed when it comes to choosing music for your Wedding Day. The good news is that there are no 'right' or 'wrong' choices, as you must choose music that feels right for you, especially for the Ceremony. However, with many years of experience in providing music for this most special of days, I can offer free impartial advice and suggestions, either over the phone, via email or in person should you wish to come and have a free consultation at my Cambridge based studio.

Do you expect to receive a meal during the course of the Wedding Breakfast?

Thank you for asking, but this won't be necessary! Whilst many suppliers insist on being fed, I never expect this, even if I am playing for the whole day.

Can you move from one position to another during the course the day?

Yes, this is no trouble. If you would like me to play for more than one part of your Wedding Day (for example the Ceremony and Drinks Reception), then I simply move my piano and equipment from one position to another as required. I can do this on my own, however assistance from one or more ushers us always appreciated! With some help, it only takes about 5 minutes to complete this procedure.

We are having a church ceremony - can you play the piano or organ in Church?

I am experienced at playing both for civil ceremonies and church ceremonies. If you are planning a church ceremony, I can bring and play my own piano for some or all parts of the service. Hymns work particularly well on the Piano and I am well used to accompanying congregations for hymn singing. If your chosen church has an organ I can also play this for you either in addition to or instead of the piano. Some churches have their own organists but most are happy to allow outside musicians to fill this role. So in short, I can play the piano, the organ, or a mixture of both!

Function FAQs

Are you able to accommodate themed events?

I am always happy to work within the theme of a particular function or event wherever I can. Previous themed events that I have performed at include various period evenings (the 'swinging 20s', '40s night'), a 'White Ball' and a 'Film Night'. With such a large range of music at my disposal I can usually put together a playlist containing appropriate music, and can also modify the look of my piano in some instances to help it fit in with the design!

Do you play at private houses?

Yes, I regularly perform at private parties in houses. Sometimes there is a piano available which I am always happy to use. If no piano is available, I can bring my own piano with me. having a pianist play for you 'in your house' for a party is an innovative way to create a fantastic atmosphere - and will certainly have all the guests impressed!

Do you have any 'Function Packages' or are these limited to Weddings?

The nature and format of a Function varies greatly from one client to another. For this reason I don't offer the same range of Packages as for Weddings. However, please do get in touch via the Contact Page or complete a Function Enquiry Form detailing your requirements and I will send on a quotation, together with any other options that seem appropriate. During certain periods I do offer special Function Deals, so please ensure you check my website regularly for current offers.

General FAQs

Piano Hire

So you've booked the perfect venue for your Wedding or Event. Have you considered booking a Function Pianist or Cocktail Pianist for some great Live Piano Music? It's the perfect musical backdrop. Even if your venue doesn't have a piano, Christopher can help! 


Why are some of your demos incomplete?

Due to copyright reasons, some of the audio demos appearing on this site have been shortened. If you would like to receive full versions of any of these pieces of music, please feel free to request a demo CD in the post. If you would like to arrange this, follow the links to the contact pages.

My venue has asked for a PAT certificate - what does this mean?

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Test. It is a test that should be carried out on all portable electric equipment ensuring that it complies with current safety standards. I always have a current PAT certificate showing that all my equipment has passed this test, and I can provide venues with a copy of this where requested.

Can you perform outside?

My digital piano can easily be set up outside - weather permitting! I always bring with me the necessary extension leads to ensure that most outside positions are possible.

Do you only play at events in Cambridgeshire?

I cover all of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bedfordshire, and beyond.

If I complete an online booking form, do I have to go ahead with the booking?

No. Completing an online booking form in the first instance is just a good way of enquiring about my availability for a particular date, and for collecting the essential information about the Wedding or Event that you are planning.

Do you supply your own piano?

I have my own portable, digital piano that looks and sounds great. It's easy to move from one place to another too, and can even be situated outside!

How do we/I go about compiling a playlist of music?

There are a number of ways that you can create playlists of music for your Wedding or Event. If you have downloaded one of my Repertoire Lists then you will see that I have a huge range of music available in my repertoire.

Using one of these lists to guide you, you might like to:

  • Go through the list selecting the exact pieces you would like - or -
  • Choose a selection of pieces leaving me to 'fill in the gaps' with pieces of music in a similar style - or - 
  • Ask me to select pieces according to specific styles that you choose (an easy task given that all of the listed music has already been grouped according to styles) 

In other words, you are welcome to be as prescriptive or as general as you like. A good Function Pianist is able to 'read the mood' of a room, and so I always try to enhance and compliment the atmosphere with my choices of music, even if working to a list that has been previously selected.

Do you do requests?

I am always very happy to accommodate special requests. Have a look at my extensive repertoire list to see if the music you would like is already in my repertoire. If not, then with some advance notice before your Wedding or Event I can either obtain or transcribe the music for you. There is no extra charge for this. If you or one of your guests would like a special request 'on the day' itself, then I will always do my best to play it - essentially, if I 'know the tune', I can usually play it, but if the piece of music is foreign to me, then this might not be possible!

Will I have to pay a deposit to secure a booking?

For bookings of more than 4 months in the future, a deposit totalling the first £50 of the total fee is usually requested.

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