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Christopher Warner - Professional Wedding Pianist, Function Pianist, Cocktail Pianist

This Wedding Music Package is a complete combination of the Ceremony, Drinks and Wedding Breakfast Package, but at a reduced overall cost. Be serenaded throughout the day by a top wedding pianist!

A Wedding Pianist for your Ceremony

  • Music for the arrival of Wedding Guests 
  • Your choice of Wedding Song for the Bridal Entrance 
  • Your choice of Wedding Songs for the Signing of the Register 
  • Music for the Exit of the Married Couple and Wedding Guests 

Wedding pianist Christopher Warner will be on hand to help you choose wedding songs or music for each part of the ceremony, discreetly and sensitively underscoring each magical moment with your favourite, most loved music. For wedding ceremonies, whilst the wedding guests are arriving is the perfect opportunity for the Groom to choose his own favourite pieces!

A Wedding Pianist for your Drinks Reception

Leave your wedding ceremony as newlyweds and be greeted by a piano serenade from a top wedding pianist and wedding musician! This wedding music package provides you with music throughout your drinks reception. Your favourite wedding songs and music will continue until you go into your wedding breakfast - so there is no fear of the music finishing prematurely, or pressure to provide exact timings!

A Wedding Pianist for your Wedding Breakfast

The perfect musical backdrop to any meal: live piano music, played by a professional wedding pianist, providing you with great music and wedding songs throughout all courses of your Wedding Breakfast until the speeches. Better than an iPod mix, Christopher can adapt your choices of wedding music to provide the perfect musical accompaniment to your food. Being an experienced wedding musician, Christopher can 'read the room' to provide gently relaxing music appealing to all your guests, changing the mood and tempo as the meal progresses. 

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